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- Interactive Designer -


I’ve always been best suited at approaching a website from a creative standpoint and that includes both the aesthetics and the user experience.

Interactive design is my core discipline and I have taken on front end development tasks, department management, project management, and other aspects of a website development as different employment opportunities have needed. I find a lot of it very rewarding, but with more tasks I have had to put less focus on the design aspect of sites. I’ve always maintained an art director role so that while not doing all of the design work presented to the client, I can have a creative influence and fulfill my need to create.

Interactive Design & Strategic Planning


My ideal work process is split into 6 main steps. Discovery, Design, Development, Testing, Launch, Post-launch. I adapt my approach based on project characteristics (features, audience, platforms etc.), time available for design (days, weeks, months) and development method.

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Cleveland, Ohio


Work Experience

As a web designer and art director, I have the experience and knowledge required to integrate the specialized skills of site architecture, user experience, mobile and brand integration, project planning, SEO, and more.

I integrate all online tools, including email, social, SEM, and digital video, into customized marketing activities that ultimately create deeper, more meaningful relationships between my clients and their customers. I have served as interactive director and art director for clients including Sony Redline, MTV’s Jackass, The Real World, Laguna Beach, La-Z-Boy and much more.

Contract For Hire
Senior Interactive Specialist


Overseeing Projects, Third Party Contractors, Project Scopes

Interactive Director


Team Leader

Breakaway Advertising
Creative Director


Creative, Client Relations

Insight Advertising
Web Architect


Interactive Design, Team Leader

JN Media
Art Director


Design, Art Direction

Hart Associates
Interactive Designer


Design, Art Direction