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Change to think about.

Like often the case, we spent all of our energy serving our clients and so our website suffered and became dated. We wanted to continue using the same WordPress platform but add some of the things we learned over the years working on client projects. Some of the key items changing are the portfolio and how a user can view the projects. Projects can be tagged featured, and show up in select areas on the site where appropriate. Those projects can also be tagged by a category and show up on a service offering page for example. From there a lightbox showcase of that category projects can be viewed quickly with links allowing the user to dive into the details of a project further. This allows people who come to the site to view only items relevant to their needs. It offers the best of both worlds for those who want to get a quick overview of work and those who have the time to look into the portfolio and read about the projects in detail.

My contributions: Project timeline and management • User flow maps designs • Wireframe designs • Conducted meetings with multiple internal teams • Website design and art direction

Notable Project Detail

There is a Twitter hashtag component that automatically links posts with trending topics increasing the social outreach with less effort maximizing the site’s impact.